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What to do if people don’t buy?

What to do if people don’t buy?

Understanding first that how to market any product is to focus on what is your company does, not what it sells.

If you are a hotel, most hotelier will tell you that the goal is to provide an unforgettable memory to guests by be a great hospitality.  Yes, but how to tell the people that you are a great hospitality and how to attract to a travel shopper! Leaders in the hotel industry know that a travel shopper can be motivated to book their property through good storytelling and authentic insights into an anticipated experience.

Here’s what we mean: A New Reality

Instead of the old rote descriptions like “Complimentary Breakfast” or “The hotel provides free shuttle bus from the airport”, change it to the real picture with the capture or short video about the products will be more motivative.

The author of one of my favorite marketing blogs put it so simply:

“No matter how much digital, social, mobile we have in the world around us, marketing will always need well-told evocative stories and the ability to communicate to your audience’s needs, wants, and emotions.”

The time runs quickly and the marketing strategy always changes, the traditional marketing may not always work this you have to learn the new things.

Just think like the travel shopper, not the seller.

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