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How to market your hotel

How to market your hotel

Great location, excellent amenities, world-class service, and comfortable accommodations – you may have it all but how to present to the customer? How do they know you? these means nothing if no one knows about it. Then, after around 60-70% construction, the marketing strategy is priority to make sure that your property on sales when it complete.

Here are the most essential tips to market your hotel.

Create a website

The website is like the door of your online house, nowadays over 90% consumer do the online purchase! You want to make sure that you have the clearly and easy-to-use website to showcase your hotel and services, including the clearly contact details and room rate. If you don’t have the website, you are missing a lot of opportunities to be found!

Show up in the Google

After creating your website, the next step is making sure that your website appears in an online network. Not just that but you need to be on the top range of search result. You can achieve it by using Google Advertising and optimize your website SEO with the right keywords.

Excellent TripAdvisor Profile

Managing your hotel’s reputation online represents the single most effective step you can take to improve your marketing,” – said Tim Peter the internet marketing consulting

The world largest travel review site is TripAdvisor and to get a list on it is FREE, there is a great opportunity for the customer to find you online. The thing that the customer will be searching for a review before making the decision and on TripAdvisor, has millions of unique visitors every day around the world that can be your customer.

List on the Online Travel Agencies

Next, is to expand the presence to other travel sites, especially in online travel agencies (OTAs).

The OTAs provides the booking function to the hotel while they also provide the booking platform, rating and review function to their customer. Your existing customer will able to leave their review, hotel’s information, comments, that be influential for the next traveler’s decision.

Moreover, the biggest OTAs has their own advertising and available in various languages which is your most benefits.

Online Review

Reviews can make or break your hotel, in the way you may not think.

Even bad reviews are better than no reviews, cause if not it like being invisible! Thus, do not fear to ask the guest’s review. Of cause, the good review is better for your business but the bad review also shows how professional when you handle the problem and how concerns or offering a solution to the problem.

Create a loyalty program

Business travelers will often visit the same city multiple times, and even people who travel for leisure may make multiple trips to your city. The loyalty program reward can encourage them to stay at your hotel every time they visit your city or area.

Build relationships with local establishments

To get people around the world know you, have to be known by the local first.

Start by approaching nearby establishments such as restaurants, spas, salons, gyms and exploring possible partnerships or deals with them. The most effective way to be well-known in your area or city is to establish partnerships with your local tourism office so that they can send guests your way.

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