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A Hidden Treasure in Pattaya

A Hidden Treasure in Pattaya

You may think that Pattaya is the sin city and just only the dirt activities to do, but actually, this Thailand’s Eastern seaboard city is a beguiling range of attractions.

Pattaya was a fishing village until the 1960s. Then, during the Vietnam War, American servicemen stationed at nearby U-Tapao or other US bases in Thailand began visiting Pattaya and become an attraction later.

Pattaya is the amazing variety city you can find, it blended of natural, entertainment, art and lively party. If skip out the nightlife you will find a hidden treasure in this sin city.

Let’s find something hidden in this city with us.

Sanctuary of Truth

The sanctuary of truth a gigantic, wooden carved construction. A truly inspiring sanctuary to a philosophical truth, which tells of the importance of religion, philosophy and art.

Sanctuary of Truth located on the beachfront on Ratchavete Cape on 80 rai of land, the woodcarving castle features an eye-catching pagoda-shaped structure on the top, if you look from the afar, you will see as the castle is ascending from the sea which is splendid.

Art in Paradise

An interactive art museum, a 3D imagination reflects from your post of each photo beyond possible.

Hidden Beaches

Not everywhere in Pattaya crowded, Pattaya offers some beautiful hidden away beaches that provide a much quieter and laid-back atmosphere.

For example, Naklua Beach, just a few minutes from a famous Pattaya beach but is calmer and more relaxed, making it the ideal spot for a stroll along the sand.

Tiffany Cabaret Show

It’s Pattaya world-famous, Tiffany show is the original transvestite cabaret show in Pattaya.

Tiffany's Show Pattaya has grown into A Spectacular World Class Show visited by audiences from all corners of the world. Extravagantly beautiful costumes, toe-tapping choreography, special lighting & effects, and music, all presented in a wonderfully detailed scenery with the most beautiful 'showgirls' to make your night a magical and memorable night.

Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan)

The largest engraving golden Buddha in Thailand, it was carved out from the side the mountain with 130 metres height and 75 metres across and become an iconic landmark in Pattaya and a popular tourist attraction.

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