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How to handle the complaint guest

How to handle the complaint guest

The complaint guest is unavoidable for the people who work in the tourism & hospitality industry. Most of the time, the complaint comes to the hotel receptionist, who should have the skill and knowledge to handle it effectively.

Here are some tips that will guide you to handle customer complaints and ensure their satisfaction.

1. Allow the guest to speak

The customers already angry, any interruption will cause their temper to flare even further. Just give a patient ear to the customer and DO NOT interrupt!

After the guests speak out normally their temper will down, then you can explain and inform the solutions.

2.Respect the guest whatever they are

Regardless of the customer’s race, language, appearance or culture, he or she should be treated with respect and made to feel valued and special by all departments of the hotel. When you respect your customers, you will try to meet their needs, leading them to be satisfied which will avoid the complaint later.

3. Becalm and handle complain smoothly

When dealing with an irate customer face-to-face or over the phone, it is important to be professional and courteous. Using a polite tone and demeanor will let you show the customer that you are trying to understand the situation and can help in defusing it. By being calm and confident will convince the customer to trust that you are handling with the problem.

4. Verify the resolution

If the customer asks for the reasonable solutions and you have the authority you can immediately take an action. But if they ask for unreasonable solutions, be calm and explain why the hotel cannot absorb it, then give the customers an alternative to calm them down. But REMEMBER! It is important to first apologize and inform them the steps to take an address of complain and how long it will take.

5. Take your customer complaints seriously

You should be an indication that he believes you will be able to help and resolve his problem, show them that you attend to their problem as this creates an impression to your guest. 

And after resolving the problem keep follow up with customers feeling, to make sure that henceforth they will get the smooth trip during their stay to avoid any negative comment in the online channel. If you allow the guest to go with the bad feeling about your hotel or service then will keep complaining and posting in the online channel and if will be effective to brand image in the future.

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