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How to convert OTA guests into direct bookings?

How to convert OTA guests into direct bookings?

Far too many hotels and resorts rely on the OTAs for far too great of their occupancy. Even the properties succeeding with bookings via their direct channel could be more beneficial than OTA. Some hotels and resorts have the OTA bookings as 80% of their revenue in the same time they have to pay the commission at least 20% to those OTAs. Isn’t good if you convert these OTA bookings to your direct booking? 

But how? If this is your question, see below;

  1. Get the best rate : This problem is easy to solve just do the best rate guaranteed!  Give your guests a confidence boost that they made the right choice to book directly with you.
  2. Tripadvisor : Mostly traveler read the review on Tripadvisor, so if the hotel uses the program called “Tripadvisor’s InstantBook” that gives individual hotels an unprecedented ability to drive direct bookings through a commission program of Tripadvisor. Though the Tripadvisor is acting a bit like OTA, this program can be a very effective barrier to OTAs siphoning off your guests.
  3. Exclusive Benefit : The OTAs members will always get the exclusive deals for example 10% on top of the selling rate. This rate is not the general public but it is like the secret deals only for their member. At the end your guest is going to make the decision that is best for them; therefore, the more value you can provide to your direct bookings the better.
  4. Brand Paid Search : Brand PPC is critical in terms of reducing your reliance on OTAs. Why? Because a customer who is nearing the end of the booking process makes a majority of the brand searches. Allowing the OTAs to own the search results page that close to a conversion is inviting your customers to book elsewhere.
  5. Keep in Touch : The recommendation is to keep in touch with all your guest even from OTAs or direct. Letting them know that they can improve their experience on their next stay and tell them about the news or good promotion of the hotel.
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