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Southeast Asia Packing List

Are you packing for a trip soon? What are some of the things at the top of your list? Here is some idea for Asia trip.

The weather in Southeast Asia is mainly tropical–hot and humid all year round with plentiful rainfall.

1. Activated charcoal

These “magical pills” prevent chemicals from being absorbed into your system and they also prevent flatulence (gas) which can be extremely uncomfortable.

2. Universal adapter

The plug at Southeast Asia mostly different in Europe, to pack the small and compact universal adapter helps you take your electronics all around the world without losing a charge.

3. Power bank

To make sure that you will not have the problem with the battery off.

4. Waterproof bag

The weather in Southeast Asia is all year round with plentiful rainfall then better to prepare yourself to wet! Also, Southeast Asia has many famous islands to visit, the waterproof bag will help to protect your belongings safe from the water.

5. Clothing

Keep in mind that in Southeast Asia in general, people tend to dress conservatively. It’s best to cover your knees and shoulders when possible, and not to show excess booty or cleavage.

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