About Us

BIRD is a new generation of marketers and a Sales and Marketing consultant. By using integrated marketing tools and new technologies to make the projects easier and able to use marketing strategies effectively.

About Us
 Business management may be viewed as easy. But to make the business successful not as easy as you think. Some marketers may not yet exactly understand how the marketing management is.BIRD aware that doing business has risks, so we have the method to deal with those risks. With more than 15 year’s experiences in business management and consulting, adjust to modern business to the real increase revenue and business growth. We guarantee by more than 15 years’ experience in business management and consulting, adjust to modern marketing techniques with the new technologies. To support your business grow steadily and lead to the goal of increasing revenue for your business.

Why Us

Lower Cost

 The costs are lower than hiring full-time employees and you will receive advices from a team of experts. Included reducing the risk of advertising and software costs.

Mitigate the risks

 Using marketers with direct and reliable experience can significantly reduce the risk of inefficiency in operations and dramatically reducing costs impact.

Reduce the burden of infrastructure costs

 Hiring full-time employees comes with many hidden expenses such as salaries, holiday benefits, training, software fees, etc. Hiring Sales and Marketing departments will help reduce these infrastructure costs.

A professional team

 The company employs Sales and Marketing staff in order to hopes of a good business profits. You will gain the ability to access leading-edge marketing strategies. Sharing experiences and accessing advanced marketing technologies.

More efficient personnel

 Hiring a Sales and Marketing representative will provide you a team of professionals in various fields, which makes your existing personnel. Can learn to work together, which will be useful to your organization in the future.

Access to modern technology

 Of course, hiring a marketing consultant will allow you to try different technologies available and help to bring those technologies to success.

Save time

 There will be sometimes when you have to pay a lot of attention to Sales and Marketing in your business. Hiring our team will work for you all. From the management planning to summary reporting Therefore allows you to focus more on other areas more efficiently.

Benefit from an external perspective

 Of course, no one knows your company better than you. But people from outside can give a different perspective to your company. You can gain insights into how people perceive your brand. You will learn why your marketing strategy is not successful. Marketing consulting will bring new ideas to your marketing plan. We also work with other industries or businesses that bring the best marketing strategies to your business.