Our Team

Business management may be easy, but successful business management is not too easy. Some marketers may not yet understand how good marketing management is. BIRD knows the business is risky, but we know how to reduce the risk and manage those risks, with more than 20 years experience in business management and consulting, adjust to modern business to the real increase revenue and business growth.


Founder / Managing Director

A hotelier with 20+ year experience, indisputable that Sittichai is one of the preeminent leaders in the hospitality industry, with his marketing passion, high standards of the hotel operation, positive attitude, extensive contacts and hotel industry knowledge, the “BIRD” has founded. Base on his experience in solving problems and understanding of hotelier’s needs and perform accordingly, implementation of agreed strategies hotel standard, will ensure growth and productivity to hoteliers at a minimal expense.

  • Founder of Business Intelligence Research and Development (BIRD) Co., Ltd.
  • Chairperson of Special Activities of Thai Hotel Association – Southern Chapter.
  • Vice chairman of Patong Hotel Association